shirt numbers


Germany 1996
Willem II 2002
Real Madrid 2003
AC Milan 2004
Chelsea 2004
Roda JC 2004
FC Utrecht 2004
Ajax 2004
Cameroon 2004
Italy 2004
Sporting 2004
Bayern M√ľnchen 2005
Schalke 04
Real Madrid 2005
FC Twente 2005
NAC/Vitesse 2005
Italy 2006
Netherlands 2006
Sevilla 2006

About two years ago I thumbed through a font catalog and came across Peignot. I thought that this is a seductive typeface for shirt designers. The numbers are extraordinary but still legible. Now, Real Madrid uses the numbers and letters of Peignot on its shirts.
Peignot is an experimental typeface (1937) by A.M. Cassandre (1901-1968) with very unusual letterforms. Some lowercase characters are replaced by small capitals. The figures too have some surprising members, especially 3 and 5. Peignot was designed to be used in advertisments. Its exotic characters are attractive. But the legibility of the typeface is bad. In my opinion it's not suited for players' names. And the figures don't make a coherent team. As said, 3 an 5 are 'strange'. There is some relationship with 6, 7, 8, and 9, but 2, 4 and 0 are completely different. As a consequence numbers like 23 and 50, are out of balance and when you compare 24 to 53 it is difficult to believe that they belong to the same typeface.


Figures from Peignot.


24 and 53; they have the same father, but are they really brothers?