shirt numbers


Germany 1996
Willem II 2002
Real Madrid 2003
AC Milan 2004
Chelsea 2004
Roda JC 2004
FC Utrecht 2004
Ajax 2004
Cameroon 2004
Italy 2004
Sporting 2004
Bayern M√ľnchen 2005
Schalke 04
Real Madrid 2005
FC Twente 2005
NAC/Vitesse 2005
Italy 2006
Netherlands 2006
Sevilla 2006

The team of Sporting (Lisbon, Portugal) has green and white horizontal stripes on its shirts. In the UEFA Cup games the back of this characteristic shirt has a broad white vertical field on which the numbers and names are printed. As a result the stripes on the back are extremely short. It looks like a zebra that's painted white on one side.
The choice for the figures is also conspicuous: Franklin Gothic; big and black with a very small white and black contour. Franklin Gothic is a very legible typeface, designed in the beginning of the 20th century. Together with the plain white field on which the numbers are displayed, it's a perfect design for a long-sighted football fan. As a contrast the names are printed in a very small point size.
All together this shirt is really unique but in my opinion the nice original striped design is spoiled by an inexplicable numbering style. It shows that legibility shouldn't be the only thing that counts.


Figures from Franklin Gothic.